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Authentic Cajun Dancehall
since 1955

La Poussiere Cajun Dancehall was established over fifty (50) years ago on October 1, 1955 by the late Ovey J. Patin and Mary L. Patin. The dancehall was located in rural Breaux Bridge on Grand Point Avenue across the street from its current location. The original building was built in the 1920’s and once served as a country grocery store and bar. It featured low ceilings and a hardwood dance floor that was often vibrating and crowded, with hard-working Cajuns both young and old. Patrons couldn't help sweating, shuffling feet, and two-stepping to Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys who performed their high energy Cajun Dancehall style music at La Poussiere for forty (40) plus years. The original signage read “’PATIN’S BAR’ Dance every Saturday Night at “LA POUSSIERE’”. The dancehall was labeled with the name “LA POUSSIERE” (the French word for “The Dust”) by the patrons who frequented the dancehall. After a night of foot stomping fun, which extended well into the early morning hours, the constant vibration of the hardwood resting on a dirt floor caused a noticeable accumulation of dust (POUSSIERE). In 1975, a major road construction project forced the demolition of the original dancehall and facilitated its move to the location where it still operates today.

La Poussiere has been labeled as “La Petite Cathedrale de Musique Cajien” (The Little Cathedral of Cajun Music) because it has served as a cultural icon for over a half-century. But, there is much more than cultural stuff that happens there. You meet people, reinforce community ties, exchange news, keep up with who’s who and who’s where, reinforce friendship and stay connected with neighbors. Notable Cajun Musicians, such as Wayne Toups, Jackie Caillier, Ivy Dugas, Belton Richard, Aldus Roger, Sheryl Cormier, Steve Riley, Kevin Naquin and others have also performed there on occasions.

La Poussiere offers to the general public an authentic Cajun Dancehall experience that showcases our Cajun music, language, and heritage. Numerous Magazine and TV documentaries have been done throughout the years on La Poussiere by both the national and international media. To this date, La Poussiere offers only traditional Cajun dancehall music and has changed little since its beginning, while continuing to preserve at least what is important, not every aspect of it, but what is important (our Cajun music, language, and heritage). On Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons La Poussiere opens its doors to all for the unique Cajun experience.

© M. Nicole Patin | La Poussiere 2009